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Check In Kiosk


Singapore Airlines


Lead UX/UI Designer


Mar 2020



In a world where customers are used to seamless app experience, can we create a self-service check-in process equally good?

The Self-Service Check-in Kiosk app previously in use at Changi Airport and still in use at various overseas stations, is a community product used by many airlines, which limited SIA in the feature or enhancements that we require. To make any changes, we had to go through rounds of paperwork and fork out large implementation fees. The biggest challenge was that enhancements took a long time to be implemented – sometimes up to one or two years.

It became increasingly clear that to make a smoother check-in flow that's uniquely SIA, we needed to look towards in-house development for a new Kiosk application.



Learn from the users

Starting with fresh minds and open perspectives, we facilitated a Design Thinking workshop with key members from Ground Experience Development, to list out known pain points of our customers and come up with a better application that was more user-centric. Despite many uncertainties whether the hardware can support the feature, we aligned on a product vision and went for a test-and-learn approach.

Our first concept prototype was created shortly after the workshop. To validate with real users in a realistic environment we went down to Changi airport and let departing passengers try out the prototype.

The insights from passenger resulted in further iteration of the prototype and helped prioritise ideas for the MVP and product road-map.



From one feature enhancement in 1 year to a full working MVP kiosk app in 10 month.

Customer time saved: 12 sec per transaction
Customer Satisfaction: 85%
Airports using new kiosk app: Singapore, Frankfurt, Brisbane
Airlines using new kiosk app: SIA, Scoot